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Why Hire An Attorney When Creating A Will?

You can find countless online do-it-yourself Will forms on the Internet. All of them make the process seem simple and easy, as though there is virtually no risk involved.  But errors in this legal arena tend to be monumental.  A simple mistake or ambiguity can lead to drawn out litigation.  Generally speaking, the larger the estate, the more protracted the litigation.  Estate planning that ends in litigation is estate planning that failed.  Unfortunately, smaller estates can end in litigation just as easily.  And when a smaller estate finds its way to litigation, the impact is more dramatic.  Legal fees alone can destroy most of a small estate.  So all estates, large, small and in between benefit from avoiding litigation.  We design your estate with litigation in mind; avoiding litigation is the touchstone of our plan.

Furthermore, a Will is not the end of the inquiry.  You need other documents to take care of your estate.  For instance, you need a power of attorney and an advanced  healthcare directive to cover important issues that face almost all of us near the end of our lives. They are critical documents designed to assist in protecting and passing on your wealth clearly and with legal efficacy. There are so many pitfalls facing the attorney who plans your estate that it is difficult to imagine a lay person properly drafting all of the necessary documents in an estate plan.

If you create an estate plan without extraordinary care and the help from an experienced lawyer, you could be leaving your family more stress and difficulty than wealth and blessing. At The Law Offices of Richard A. Lewis in Sacramento, California, we bring nearly 30 years of estate planning experience to the benefit of every one of our clients. We have the knowledge to walk you through the process, and make sure your estate plan will be effective and efficient, a true benefit to your loved ones.

Creating Your Will With Your Entire Estate Plan in Mind

For any effective, well planned estate, the Will is actually a “pour-over Will.” It addresses the non-titled items and directs the appropriate assets into various trust instruments. Attorney Richard A. Lewis has a wealth of experience, and he can help you create a Will that works in concert with the various Trust documents, your Power of Attorney, your HIPAA consent and the other critical components of your comprehensive estate plan.



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