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With overburdened probate courts and complex estate planning laws, it is extremely difficult to protect your assets and transfer wealth efficiently in the state of California. However, with careful preparation aided by an experienced estate planning lawyer, you can establish a revocable living trust, an irrevocable trust and other estate planning documents that can pass on your wealth in a way that will allow your loved ones to avoid probate and receive their inheritance efficiently and timely.

At The Law Offices of Richard A. Lewis, we have nearly 30 years of experience helping Sacramento area clients create well thought out, comprehensive, integrated estate plans. Mr. Lewis can walk you through the entire process, help you understand your various options and craft an estate plan that will meet your needs and transfer your wealth effectively.

The Benefit Of Trusts

There are many different types of trust documents available, each with different benefits and nuances. When utilized properly, trust documents can allow you to retain greater control over the distribution timing, the means and the conditions under which your assets are transferred; to minimize asset transfer tax penalties and to create a more nuanced asset transfer strategy than any isolated Will could provide.  We will work to create any special type of trust that is required to meet your needs, some of the more specialized trusts we provide include:

Gun trusts: A gun trust is extremely important for any gun enthusiast. Buying, lending and selling firearms is no simple matter.  The federal government has implemented important constraints on gun owners.  We offer three levels of trusts depending on how many guns you own, their respective values and the reasons for the gun trust.

Pet trusts: This trust is for those who have an affection for their pets that will live beyond the grave. While you can’t leave money to your pets as such, you can create trusts that offer incentives to a designated trustee to care for your pet,.  This trust allows you to direct the manner of care your little loved one receives.

Asset protection trusts: Creditors can only access assets that you own, so the only real way to truly protect your assets from creditors is to place them into trusts that you cannot access. These trusts are extremely complicated and should only be handled by an experienced lawyer.  Errors in this area lead to confiscation and investigation.  These are not good outcomes for any plan.

Flexible Payment Plans

While our service will save you substantial costs in the long run, we understand that it takes a certain investment by you on the front end. However, we will not let money hinder your access to our trust program, so we offer flexible payment plans, including monthly payments.


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