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Will or Trust?  People generally believe that a Will is less expensive and less time consuming than a Trust.  This is generally true.  A Will is also less effective and in most cases, ineffective.  In the long run, this makes a Will much more expensive and much more time consuming.  By its very nature and as a matter of law, Wills must be probated (except for very small estates).  If you find yourself in probate court, you have failed in your estate planning efforts.   Trusts result in NO PROBATE; and no probate is a good thing.  Trusts are administered by the trustee.  Trusts can last for a very long time.  As long as the trust does not violate the rule against perpetuities, it is effective.  As you can see, we don’t get 100 words into the explanation before we start drifting into arcane legal language that means very little to normal people.  Trusts are not complex documents to understand.  However , estate plans using trusts can be very complex.  They can also be magical for your estate.   We do not waste your time by making an appointment to convince you to use a trust.  We make appointments to earn your trust and create relationships.  The rest will take care of itself.

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