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On behalf of Richard A. Lewis posted in Estate Planning on Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

Attorney Richard A. Lewis scored a major victory for his client, Wendell Brown. After an over two week trial and over 25 witnesses, the jury in Wendell Brown v. The City of Sacramento deliberated for another week. The verdict came back on June 6th in favor of Mr. Brown. This legal victory comes after years of racial discrimination, stress and hardship not just on Mr. Brown but also his family.

The jury awarded Mr. Brown $558,000 and attorney fees in excess of $1 million. Mr. Brown, an African-American man, had worked for Solid Waste Division of the City of Sacramento for nearly three decades. During this time, Mr. Brown faced racial discrimination and illegal retaliation that included improper discipline, transfers and being passed over for promotion.

When Mr. Brown went to the City Attorney’s Office with his allegations, he was faced with retaliation instead of help. This included threats of going after his home and even wage garnishments. During this entire ordeal, Mr. Brown protected his family by not informing them of his hardships. Despite the difficulties he faced, he persevered not wanting to back down due to intimidation.

There are still a few more cases by other workers pending against the city. For now, Mr. Brown is thankful for the counsel of Mr. Lewis, the support of his family and God.

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